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  • AviChina Hong Kong Limited

    AviChina Hong Kong Limited

    Approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and  Reform Commission and  other relevant authorities, AviChina Hong Kong Limited (AviChina Hong Kong) was incorporated in Hong Kong in July 2009. The initial registered capital was HK$68 million, increasing by HK$60 million in 2013 and  HK$100 million in 2014 respectively, and  the current registered capital is HK$228 million. AviChina Hong Kong, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of AviChina, is a part of the strategic layout of AviChina 's international M&A. It will establish international M&A funds with a number of institutions, undertake and  integrate the overseas M&A businesses of AVIC and  strive to be an international M&A financing platform of AVIC, so as to strengthen aviation industry and  make AviChina the most valuable listed company of AVIC.